R41ÑB0W TR4$H → Dominique Pelletier
Pulpo Pulquero: Underwater Pulsewaves
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Pulpo Pulquero: Underwater Pulsewaves

a music video by R41ÑB0W TR4$H (feat. Crab Sound), directed by Éric Falardeau


ThanatoFilms proudly presents the mainstream release PULPO PULQUERO (feat. Crab Sound), first music video by Montreal-based electronic music artist R41ÑB0W TR4$H (a.k.a. Dominique Pelletier):


Directed by award-winning horror filmmaker Éric Falardeau, the video paints in bright colors and saturated images the polymorph and hybrid universe of R41ÑB0W TR4$H, blending organic shapes and textures with technological iconography.


After its acclaimed international premiere at Cryptshow festival in Barcelona, PULPO PULQUERO made its Montreal debut on July 16 during the Cinéma urbain series, presented by the Société des arts technologiques (SAT).


Dim the lights and turn it up. You can now stream the video on all your screens.